Scrapbook Page Exercise

This interactive tool allows students to create a scrapbook and a personal memoir narrative using any of the 60 historical photos below depicting common recreational activities throughout Milwaukee’s history. In order to begin this scrapbook learning activity, have students look over the photographs and decide which one is most suitable. Then, have students write a rough draft of the personal memoir narrative according to the instructions you provide. (If students use word processing to create their draft, then they can copy and paste the draft into the scrapbook template. While students can edit their article while working on-line, it is very important that students have a complete draft before working on-line as the Making Of Milwaukee server will not save students’ work.)

After writing a draft of the memoir narrative, students may begin to work on-line and fill in the required fields. All fields must be completed before students are allowed to submit the memoir for a “preview”. Provide the following directions:


Choose from one of the following photos:


preview article

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