Classroom Materials for Grades 1-4

Thematic Historical Learning Activities Learning Activities Designed To Help Students …
The Complete Making of Milwaukee Curriculum Grades 1-4 Actively investigate ALL thematic learning activities (I-IV)
I. Early Natives and Settlers Actively investigate why, how and when early natives, settlers, and leaders came to Milwaukee
II. Coming to Milwaukee Actively investigate the diverse populations who immigrated to Milwaukee (Then & Now).
III. Working in Milwaukee Actively investigate the resources of Milwaukee and the work that made Milwaukee famous as the “Machine Shop of the World”.
IV. Modern Milwaukee Actively investigate the characteristics of Milwaukee: how our city works, grows, and changes over time; how diverse cultures have influenced “The Making of Milwaukee”.
Appendices A Actively locate children’s literature related to the thematic historical learning activities.
Appendices B Actively locate study guides related to the thematic historical learning activities.

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