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11 stories that reflect significant historical events and people throughout the history of Milwaukee.

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“In the Classroom” provides an opportunity for all interested citizens to learn more about Milwaukee’s history through an online curriculum, interactive lessons, and an image library that aligns with the “The Making of Milwaukee” documentary that is based on John Gurda’s book by the same name.

Classroom Materials: Here you will find downloadable and adventurous curricula on Milwaukee’s history that aligns with the TV series, “The Making of Milwaukee”. The Grades 1-4 curriculum is organized around four historical themes and the Grades 5-12 curriculum is organized around six historical themes. Each includes numerous learning activities that can be used as single lessons or as a complete series of lessons. The curricula includes invitational, video response, then and now, learning outside the classroom, trivia, and timeline activities; essential, main idea, and critical analysis discussion questions; and, a list of Wisconsin Academic Standards covered within each theme. The learning activities are adaptable for use with primary, intermediate, middle, and high school level students.

Interactive Lessons: These online, interactive activities allow learners to actively discover Milwaukee’s history through the MOM website. The lessons may be used as single exploratory activities or as part of the MOM Curriculum. The interactive lesson section includes newspaper, scrapbook, map, trivia, who am I, timeline, and then and now activities. Have fun and test your growing understanding of Milwaukee’s history.

Image Library: What did Milwaukee and the many people who made Milwaukee look like throughout history? Milwaukee’s history will come alive as you explore this photographic gallery that includes numerous photos which can be enlarged and downloaded. For even more photos you may want to visit the “Then and Now“ learning activities within the Interactive Lessons section.

To enhance your knowledge of Milwaukee’s history, use the icons on the left to access and enjoy each of these historical resources. We know you’ll enjoy your journey into Milwaukee’s rich history!

Funding for curriculum and web activities provided by The Faye McBeath Foundation, Koeppen-Gerlach Foundation, and The Penworthy Company.

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